Tubey is finished!

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Finished Tubey

Two days ago, I finally finished my Tubey! I have been wearing it for the past days, and I cannot tell you how PLEASED I am with the result. The yarn feels incredibly soft on my skin, it keeps me warm and comfy and on top of that, it fits me really well.

This wonderful design Tubey, by Cassie Rovitti, merely consist of 2 tubes. No seams at all!

I would like to write in detail about my finished project Tubey.

Yarn: 3.5 balls of Cascade Venezia Worsted weight
Costs of yarn: 4 x $ 14.– = $ 56.– (that’s a good deal for a sweater project)
Needle Size: US 5
Gauge: 20 stitches over 4″
Duration of project: 8 days

Tubey belt bag


In her Tubey design, Cassie uses a rib pattern for the body. I skipped that rib pattern all together and made decreases/increases at the following points:

I started to make decreases right after I passed my breast point. At the same time, I would make decreases in the back. For every decrease I made in the front, I would make the same amount of decreases in the back.

Just below the waist, where my body starts to curve outwards, I started to increase at the sides. For increase I would use the Make1 (M1) increase: knit in front and back of a stitch.

I finished the garment by using a k2, p2 rib.

When do you know when to exactly increase and decrease?

Look at your body and see where you go outward, and where your body goes inward. In other words, look where your body curves.

I would often just wear the unfinished garment and just look at myself in the mirror and then decide what to do! Simple as that, no difficult calculations.


How do you know with what intervals to decrease or increase?

Again, look at your body in the mirror. With my body, right where my waist curves into my hips, that turning point is a bit steep. So then I know I have to make a "steep" increase, meaning that I will increase every second or third row.

Further down towards the hips, the curves get less steep, so then I know I have to increase every 5th or 6th row.

I just would ask myself the question: If I increase every row, what will happen? Or if I increase every 2nd or 3rd row, what would happen then?

The more rows in between your increases or decreases, the less steep the curve in your garment will be!

Also, I made my Tubey short sleeved, and I used a totally different yarn.

Will this be your one and only Tubey based project ever?

This design so much tickles my fancy that I want to make more sweaters with it. I already have two different kinds of designs in mind where I will use Tubey as a base. I cannot wait to knit it up and to show it to you all.

I will document my thoughts and knit decisions thoroughly so that you can see step by step what I did. Sounds like fun!!!

Some more details

This is what my Tubey looks like from the back:

Tubey back1

As you can see, the first upper part of Tubey consists of a shrug. It is important to measure your back from armpit to armpit in order to know how many inches you should knit accross. It is important that you have enough ease in order to move your arms and shoulders comfortably without getting pinched in the armpit.

Tubey back2

In my opinion, I have a bit too much ease in the back. This causes for the knitted fabric to bunch up a little bit. For my next Tubey, I will knit 1 to 2 inches less across my back.

All in all, I find that this project is very enjoyable and I will wear this sweater a lot!

What is my next project?

Textured Tunic with side buttons from the book Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel!

I will use the yarn the pattern calls for: Royal Tweed by Lana Grossa.

Next project!

I am very excited!

Thanks for visiting and until next time...



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Found the pattern for this

Found the pattern for this sweater yesterday and fell in LOVE with it. Your interpretation is gorgeous! Just one question--how does the back of the sweater lay on your neck? Does the edge curl in just a bit? Again, gorgeous!

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[...] Cascade Venezia Worsted colorway grey in my stash and took it with me to Hartford. Since I made my first Tubey with this yarn, I figured it would be good for my second [...]

Another beautiful creation by

Another beautiful creation by an equally beautiful person. I'm so proud of you.

Hallo, Ik hou er ook van, en

Ik hou er ook van, en het is mooi en mooie wol en kleur.
Ik werk veel met Lana Grossa. Wat een prijsverschil, zoveel betaal ik niet hoor.
Het varieert van 3,95 tot 7.95 euro per bol=50 gram.
Maar wel handig die Yarnindex van Lana Grossa.
Ik ga die eleanore sjaal proberen, ik heb het patroontje gevonden.
Happy knitting.

Love it too !!!!!! Love the

Love it too !!!!!!
Love the yarncolor, the fit, everything about it !

It looks terrific! You keep

It looks terrific! You keep knitting things that I've been keeping an eye on for a while. It's pretty cool, actually.

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