Pondering photography with models



Every now and then, I play around with my camera. Just for fun, a photo here, a photo there, and lo and behold, I may use it for my blog.

I mostly take pictures of flowers, yarn, knitting projects and finished projects in which I myself model the garment. Not an easy task because nobody is taking my picture when I pose for the camera. It is just me, the camera on self timer and my beloved tripod.

Nobody takes my picture, I do it all myself. Which is getting quite annoying so I have been thinking of using models in the future.

Photo shoot with a model

Last year I did some photography with a beautiful model, my friend LuLu. I was very very nervous that day because I never had done a photoshoot before and LuLu and me did not know eachother at the time. But luckily, it all went well and we made some good pictures.

DSC_0334 DSC_0461

Just between you and me, I really did not know what the hell I was doing that day. I was just playing and dabbling around with the camera. LuLu was very nice and that helped a lot!

Photography for knitting patterns

If I am to put out knitting patterns, I would love to make some nice pictures with of my knitted items. Of course I would love to have a model to my liking too. Not your fancy, toothpick model. I would love to photograph "real" people. Every day people. People that are my friends.

Meet my kind friend Luis. In this photo he's wearing a scarf and fingerless mittens I made for my brother Tristan:


I took pictures of Luis back in January of this year. Me and Luis were both a bit nervous, I remember. He had never modeled before, and I, eh, I was just shooting pics randomly.


Ladies, ahem, isn't Luis adorable..? Handsome young man and so incredibly kind! Look at him inspecting my knitting...


Putting out patterns not that easy

I have been thinking to put out patterns through CloseKnit. Little patterns like scarves, fingerless mittes and such. You know, just little things in which the whole process will not overwhelm me.

People have been asking me when I am going to put out sweater patterns. And this is what I have to say about it:

First of all, it takes a whole lot of work to actually design and knit the pattern. Then comes the whole writing part. Apart from this I will need to hire a tech editor and test knitters. And I have to pay all these people. And the yarn, I have to provide the yarn.

And then comes the photography!

Costly, people. Time consuming and costly. I am not ready for that yet.

Let's start with little things, eh? I am comfortable with that. Just give me some time.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.



Michele: yes, sweaters are

Michele: yes, sweaters are not the easiest designs to put out... So your son is the photographer, eh? If you have a tripod... give it a go!

Alex: Thanks for understanding. I think it is hard for some knitters ( not all knitters) to understand that so much work, time and money goes into patternwriting.

Both of your models are

Both of your models are beautiful!

I completely understand about the time and money invested in sweater patterns. The ease with which people ask, "Can you write that up?" and imply that you provide it for free is a bit appalling. So don't feel any pressure to do it.

I hadn't realized that your

I hadn't realized that your pictures of you were done with a tripod and self-timer. Brilliant! I can never get a decent "mirror" picture, and so I usually enlist my 15 yo son. It's not his favorite thing to do, but he's generally willing to help. And he knows that if he gets it right the first round, he won't be asked to re-do!

I agree, sweaters are hard. You'd have to make it for a range of sizes, and the grading would be a challenge. But socks, gloves, fingerless mitts: go for it! I've done some self-published patterns, free and paid, and it's a fun way to test the waters.

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