Photography with Patricia Emmert


The Spot

The Spot

  While in Pittsburgh, I was fortunate enough to hook up with a talented photographer named Patricia Emmert. I had seen beautiful work of Patricia before, and always wanted to talk with her about her creativity and photography. More specifically, I wanted to learn from her, how she does her photography with regard to models. I approached Patricia and we spent a beautiful morning together in which I come to the realization of how uncomfortable I am with regard to taking pictures with models.

Invading personal space

  Taking pictures of people is hard for me because I have the feeling I am invading somebody's personal space. I feel anxious, keep on worrying about the model's well being, and continuously have the feeling that I should rush. When Patricia told me to photograph her while she was sitting on the floor, I completely froze out of mere insecurity and just stood there with my camera in my hands, afraid to do anything.

On the Edge

On the Edge

I uttered timidly: "Patty... I am having a hard time with this." She raised her eyebrows and replied quite surprisingly and in disbelief: "Really..??" What comes naturally to her as a photographer, comes uneasily to me. Patty, however, is a great and patient teacher and proceeded to direct me where to take position around her and to just push the shutter and take that picture. She also taught me not to rush, to take my time and that I do not have any reason to feel uncomfortable.

Photography is like painting, take your time...

During that morning, I learned that photography is like painting. Do you rush when you paint or draw? I know I don't. So why should I rush in photography, then? There is no rush, no need to be anxious, model and photographer can just take their time to create a satisfying image.



Inspiration because of kindness

  Being around Patricia gave me so much inspiration. She created a safe environment around me by being patient, encouraging and by just being kind. It strikes me over and over again how much we can inspire eachother by just being kind... When I walked back to my hotel that day, I felt so good. I made the promis to myself not to focus anymore on being anxious or being uncomfortable in my creative process.

But most importantly, I made the promis to always be a kind knitting teacher and to provide a safe environment for novice knitters who will cross my path. What Patricia showed me as a teacher, I will always bring forth.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

All photography in this post by Patricia Emmert



Renna, I am so happy that

Renna, I am so happy that someone like you reads my blog! I am simply floored by all the nice comments you have been leaving me and am so thankful you take the time to write!

Really, I am so taken by your kindness that I am simply don't know what to say...


Oh, oh, oh, and I meant to

Oh, oh, oh, and I meant to add to that, you are one of the kindest people I know. Even through your postings and comments you've left me or e-mails, kindness exudes from you!

I believe God has given each

I believe God has given each of us special talents and abilities. As you are discovering, it takes patient application to bring those talents to fruition. Not meaning to be self-deprecating, I am not a talented knitter. I am okay with that. I enjoy knitting, and I plod along with it, and produce some okay items. I struggle with it every step of the way, none of it coming naturally to me. There ARE other things, though, that do come more naturally to me, my areas of gifting. Even still, I've had to patiently apply myself to allow those gifts and talents to bloom, just as you are doing with your photography and your designing. You are really one of the most talented and creative people I've even known, Nancy, albeit an online friendship! ;-)

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