Finished: Textured Tunic from Fitted Knits


Finished Textured Tunic!


Pattern: Textured Tunic with(out) Side Buttons
BookFitted Knits, Designer Stefanie Japel
Yarn: 7 balls of Lana Grossa Royal Tweed colorway 29
Needles: KA 24″ circ. #10
Cast on date: October 29, 2007
Cast off date: November 05, 2007Modifications

  • Please click here to see what modifications I made in the body of this garment.
  • I skipped the side flaps and side buttons. I made just a simple slit instead.
  • The patterns states to knit the sleeves flat. I knitted the sleeves in the round so all in all this garment is completely knitted in the round.
  • I finished the neckline and peek-a-shoulder slit with a crocheted edge. Looks much neater and tighter that way!

Too much ease

What I have learned

  • Always check if the pattern will have the right fit for your body. If not, apply modifications.
  • Never assume that the garment will come out just like in the picture.
  • Because the instructions for the sleeves were written for knitting flat, I had to rewrite for knitting it in the round. There were increases and decreases and after some tweaking, I understand how to apply this in the round.

What I did not like about the pattern

  • Had to make quite a bit of modifications. In order to get the right modifications, I had to rip out a lot and start anew. That was kind off annoying but on a positive note, because of it, I learned a whole lot.

Peek a shoulder

What I like about the pattern

  • Wonderful, wonderful design by Stefanie Japel! I love it!
  • It is a quick knit, easy to follow instructions
  • Schematics were given. I love that. I can see immediately how the garment hangs together.
  • I loved knitting this garment so much, I want to knit it again...


How did I like the yarn?

  Lana Grossa's Royal Tweed is an excellent choice for a garment like the Textured Tunic. This yarn is super light and very soft. Sometimes, sweaters can feel very heavy and if there is a lot balls involved, the weight can pull the sweater down. Not the case here! It is just perfect...

Lana Grossa Royal Tweed

I will always recommend this yarn to other knitters!

Thanks for reading!


Textured Tunic from Fitted Knits

I'm working the textured tunic and became very confused on the side slits. I knitted to the marked st and purl it for both marked stitches.  I tried to follow the chart and it did not work out so I'm pulling those rows out.  I'm not good at reading charts I always have to write everything out.  It would be great if anyone can offer any help.ThanksEvesha on Ravely

Slide Slits

Hi there, I did not do the side slits as instructed in the pattern. I just stopped working in the round when it hit my hips, and started working back and forth on front of the sweater and back of the sweater individually!

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It looks fabulous. The tweed

It looks fabulous. The tweed gives the fabric great interest, and I just love the smaller details: side slits, neck opening. Great sweater--what's next?

Wow. I just finished reading

Wow. I just finished reading your blog from Tues. Thanks. Of course all of your knitting is wonderful. Glad I saw you at the knit shop so I could get the address. Your approach to achieving the proper fit in the modifications is insightful. Thanks for the inspiration.

The sweater is beautiful. :)

The sweater is beautiful. :)

The yarn seems very nice

The yarn seems very nice indeed. Love the color !
Ik ben nu zelf nog steeds bezig aan de Tangled Yoke uit de IK fall 2007. De mouwen worden hier ook in het rond gebreid en ik ben nu bijna zover dat ik moet gaan meerderen. Hoop dat ik het goed doe !
Hij staat je in ieder geval heel erg goed :-)

Beautiful sweater indeed. As

Beautiful sweater indeed. As a beginner, I would love it if you shared your increase/decrease details with those of us inspired to create this sweater for ourselves - that is if I ever get my first sweater finished. I am in awe that you are able to see knitting in such a way that you are able to get through the challenges. Me? Well, I have completed the front of my first sweater only to the neckline - the directions are baffling me. I slipped it to a holder and began working on the back - we shall see what happens when I get to the same point. If stuck, then I can work on the sleeves - at some point I hope I will have an awha moment. Thank you for sharing! ~Kelly

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