Finished: Black Textured Tunic


Black Textured Tunic5

Pattern: Textured Tunic with(out) Side Buttons
BookFitted Knits, Designer Stefanie Japel
Yarn: 10 balls of Margrite Bulky by Karabella colorway black
Needles: Addi Turbo 24″ circ. #10 and wooden needle #10 and #11 to cast off
Cast on date: Mid February, 2009
Cast off date: March 18, 2009

 Suck in that belly

She's done... came out somewhat smaller than planned but still fits fine. Very fitted now, which means I gotta suck in that belly which I am not very happy about. Sucking it in and holding your breath for just a second in front of the camera is manageable. To do this all day...oooffff. Oh fits and looks fine which is all I want and need in a handknitted sweater! And I know that with a couple of wears, it will stretch out.

Lets look at the modifications

Black Textured Tunic3

  1. Decreases and increases applied at the side
  2. No side buttons and no side slits

Trials and tribulations

Problem: Casted off at the bottom too tight.

This caused the bottom part to draw in and pucker while I was wearig it which was really not okay with me.

Black Textured Tunic4


Instead of casting off with the needlesize #10 I was working with, I used needlesize #11 to cast off. I am a tight knitter you see... casting of loosely does not make sense to me. So switchting to a bigger needle helps!

Helpful tips

Black Textured Tunic6


  1. Use a figure 8 cast on. This will make the neckline a bit sturdier.
  2. Also, give your neckline a crochet edge to reinforce it and to prevent the neck edge from rolling.

How do I like the yarn?


Simply love the yarn. It is such a delight to work with and it feels super super soft on my skin. It is also nice and warm because of the cashmere blend. 

I love that it is black yarn and I did not have troubles working with it. Just make sure you use good lighting when you work with black yarn in the evening.

I've got two Textured Tunic sweaters now!

I simply adore the fact that I can recreate a sweater when I want to. No more crying when my favorite sweaters get too old to wear. I just whip out another one!

Finished Textured Tunic! Black Textured Tunic5

To read about my first Textured Tunic, click here...

Knitting rules!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry


Very cute!!!!

Very cute!!!!

Awesome! I'm glad it fits;

Awesome! I'm glad it fits; fitting is so much easier on small garments, isn't it? A sweater is a big risk and a big reward!

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